Wednesday, 25 November 2015

October as Pink; November as Green

Gambar diambil dari sini

What the hell happen on Earth? Well, obviously, many! Many things happen. But here I am. I am so late to create monthly post I committed to do since the beginning of this year. I don’t know what excuse I could make for this. But I'm sure it wasn't procrastination Somehow, I just didn’t do it. Of course I've decided that it would be Pink for last October. But the fact is I have not stated it in usual way. And here we are now, in November.

I become tired of this monthly post. Maybe I will not make it anymore for next year. But okay, i will try to finish what have been started, at least for this year.

Hmm, what should I tell?
Haha, okay, I will just say these things:
October as Pink, and
November as Green..

I don't have special reason for those colors. And I won't tell if i have any. Also about plans I may have for this month, I won't tell. I'm just tired of this or whatever the reason is.

Haha, okay, I will end these words here. And hope I have any explanation or could tell something better next month, insha Allah. Have a good November, fellas... :):):)