Wednesday, 2 September 2015

September as Violet

Holla everyone and welcome September.

I give September a Violet. Do you feel any mystical sense in this month? Haha, well I feel it. The wind opened my door suddenly, the way leaves fall down from the trees, and the silence of this home where nobody except me typing some words in here, in this post. The more important one, the light of the sun which is turned into yellow, it is not usual as before.

Haha, okay, maybe the sun light is the exception though it creates mystical vibe when you are alone and you are typing your Microsoft Word sheet under the window in silence. But I don’t like this kind of light because it is more like a mourning sign. I miss the usual light from the sun which crossing to my room creates lines.

Too bad, I don’t know how long this smog would cover Jambi City (Kota Jambi). This smog is caused by burning woods in the forest illegally in some regions in Jambi and Riau provinces. The smog and ashes has covered this city terribly since two or three weeks ago. It is really worse for health. Everyone needs to wear healthy mask to protect their lungs from this smog. I really hope it would be stopped very soon. I want that light back.

Well, I am not sure about the plan for this month. I think better I don’t tell anything about it. I let my action to speak more. Haha, I said that just like I am an “action-girl”. But I try so hard to break some bad habit of mine. Trust me, dealing with our own self is not easy. It is more important to beat yourself, to be better in everyday of your life than to beat other people and getting better than them.

Okay, just enjoy your September. May this month bring us happiness and luck for us.

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