Sunday, 30 August 2015

August as White


Okay, this is the exception. I totally has chosen white for August, haha. I think it would be suitable. White here shows the purity and we know (for Muslim people), we just celebrated Idul Fitri. Hopefully we all are back as pure as white.

I have some plans to do. Some good plans which I hope I can fulfill. I challenge myself to do something new. Yeah, I feel that time is going so past and it would wait nobody. That's why, no need to wait until it's ready. Now is time to do what you are willing to. Go try something and taste many. Okay, I’m good in talking that way, lol.

But, I do post late here, very, very late. I am re-thinking about the purpose I create this blog. Last month or maybe the last two months I was so excited to fulfill all the labels in this blog at least with one post per each label. Then after two months, I began so exhausted because I was like forcing myself and blogging become a must or a number one priority. It affected the quality of my writing and my other life things. I mean, I was just like, “okay, you have to post and post. Don’t care about the quality of your writing content.” Finally it makes me tired of blogging.

I realize that’s the wrong way. I remind myself that I create this blog for sharing and I want to share good and appropriate things. Then I create some labels to classify my writing not to make them classified what I should share. I have freedom to share outside the labels and I don’t have any obligation to fulfill all labels minimal one post for each month. Moreover, I want to write through my heart not because of labels demand.

However, yes, that idea, that label idea came from me. My intention was to challenge myself. I saw it once as a good idea, but now it is not. The reason may be because I wasn’t ready for that thing. Besides, I wasn’t able to control myself and managed my time schedule. But yea, after all, I don’t feel sorry. It helps me to know my recent capability. And it inspired me a little change for this blog.

Well, fellas, I have talked much. How is your August? May good will, good thing, and good idea will belong to us. Ah ya, Happy 70th Independence Day, Indonesia! Ayo, kerja! Have good time there, fellas. :)  

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