Thursday, 23 July 2015

White and White

It's been long time since the last time I wrote something for this label. I realize my self is not really into this field. I mean, yeah, I am a girl and love clothes. But I don't follow fashion, I don’t know much and I am not in the way to create my own. So far, I wear what I feel comfortable and it's not too stunning in the crowd.
But anyway, I also lack of material for this kind of post, haha. There are only some ideas which I consider okay to write and post it. So, no wonder if the last time I put an entry in this label was on October, 2014. Hyuh, such a long time, definitely!

Okay, but here I am. Finally I have something to share, lol. And I will start telling you about one habit my family have. There are only three women in my family. They are my mom, my sister, and I. We have this habit for years. The habit is wearing the same clothes in the first day of Idul Fitri.

Well, my mom is the one who sew the clothes. Yes, she has talent on this field. Meanwhile, I can suggest her or we discuss about the model of the clothes. And for this year, we agree to wear a simple Indonesian Kebaya with little bit modification. Then we choose white, the pure white as the main color of this clothe.

The material is brocade and velvet. Actually I don't know how to call it but the seller told me its name is velvet. This material is kinda soft, shiny, yeah looks like satin but it is thicker.

There are two pieces: top and skirt. The brocade is on the top only. The length of the top is about 100 cm. And the skirt, made from velvet which is not a wide skirt, touches my ankle. There is a cut near the edge of the skirt to help me walk.

Then I am kinda confused to choose hijab's color. Yes, white is primer color but I looked for suitable hijab's color considering the moment that I celebrate. So, again, after discussing it to Mom, she suggested me to wear a light pink pashmina. Yeah, I guess, it would make my appearance smooth and calm, lol.

Okay, I think I don't have any word to tell you more. Just make yourself clear by checking my pictures while wearing this lovely clothe below. Thanks to my sister, Rani,  for taking these pictures. And enjoy your day, Happy Eid Mubarak. :)

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