Wednesday, 1 July 2015

June New Comer (2015)

Holla, how are you today?
I try to remember what I got on last June.
Sadly, I didn’t buy any books. I realize that I have bought many and I haven’t finished them yet. So I may not buy them again until those “chunky brick” books get executed.
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So what’s new thing on June?
Well, some clothes, lol. And there are some monthly groceries including make-up. For the clothes, there are skirts and tops. Then, make-up umm one of them is new lipstick. Haha, there is no picture of them. I am kinda lazy to take some shoots.

But I feel great for last June. I can fulfill the post quota for this blog. I also have created and managed my other blogs. And if you visit my Instagram (follow me @rizkimadfia_blogpost), I have a new interesting design in order to share the slight view of my blog posts.

Hmm, I don’t have much to tell. Therefore, I will close this post on this line. Thank you for visiting and reading my blog(s). Keep in touch. See ya…

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