Tuesday, 2 June 2015

May New Comers (2015)

May 2015 has gone.
Now we are in the early June and may bring new hopes for better life.

I can’t concentrate my mind to write something. Honestly my mind seems messed up. Haha, yea I don’t say I often have crystal clear of mind. It’s just hmm kinda feeling sucks. Okay, just leave it alone. And thanks God for those two books and couple clothes on last May. :)

Okay I’m just going to tell you about the books. I saw them first while in Gramedia book’s sale. They are interesting with such bright cover’s color. But I didn’t buy them there. I just left them.

Then while hanging out in WTC Batanghari, I saw a new store of Gramedia there. And still there was a stand which sold discount books. Tada... you can guess it, I’m sure, I saw them again in that store and plan to buy them. Oh, okay, I bought them finally. :)

Okay, so let’s start with the green one. The tittle is Rossetti Letter by Christi Philips. The story seems take place in Venesia. I like the color and the design of the cover. I have opened the seal and haha it smells nice. I love this kind of paper’s smell. :)

The second one with red cover color is Lisey’s Story by Stephen King. You know, it’s a long time since I want to read King’s book. I want to enjoy his horror story. Then I can buy one now. Alhamdulillah. This chunky brick looks so delicious. :)

Yea, many books I have is written by foreign writer. Most of them are translated book. Next time, insha Allah, I will buy local ones. Some which written by Tere Liye, and other Indonesian writer looks delicious as well.

So, what about your last May and your early June? Have a good time, minna. :)

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