Tuesday, 2 June 2015

June as Yellow

What’s in color?
Well, I give Yellow to June.

gambar diambil dari sini

Some may said that yellow is fun color. Ones who like this color tend to be wise and smart in academic field. This color shows creativity and full of ideas.

On the other side, some also may say that yellow is mourning color. People here around my place use yellow flag for announcing their loss of someone/family member in their home. People who like this color also easy to feel anxiety and worry.

So, what’s in color?
Well, that sentence keeps roaming on my mind.
It is like flying-singing-worm with couple transparent wings.

Still I don’t stick to one particular meaning. All bad and good in yellow I have felt them through this life. I am sure, you have it as well. So, let’s just dance with this or these. Any color is beautiful on its place.

Have a wonderful June, fellas! :)

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