Saturday, 2 May 2015

May as Red

gambar diambil dari sini
Yaiy, here I am writing this on May 2nd. Haha, yea, it may be kinda ridiculous. But I feel better since I think I has started earlier. I need to keep it up.

I have made a list for this month. I hope I can make it. So I will have good review at the end of May. This list consists of some good activities. Hopefully it can help me to discipline myself in this life, lol. :D

Well, I have good news last month. Another chance to work on something. But yea, I don’t know why I am so slow like a snail. I don’t even start it yet, huft. That’s true, there is no good time to start. All you need is just to start and you will have it, the good time. In short, you should make it. Huwwaa…what a waste! Come on, Kiki! Come on!

Oh yea, this month I chose red. May it becomes good month, full of spirit and achievement. And before closing this post, I would like to say, happy birthday my Ez. Also I say happy birthday to all of you who was born in this month. All the best to you all, folks. :):)

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