Saturday, 2 May 2015

April New Comers (2015)

See, time doesn’t walk. It flies. Now we are just about going to enter the middle of this year. Hmm, I don’t know what you all have already achieved. But for me, I am not yet satisfy. I should try more and harder.

Alhamdulillah, last month I got some new stuff. Haha, want to guess them? Yea, no clothes or shoes but they are tadaaa… books. Yup, as usual I bought them on Gramedia. There are still many discount books. When I visited it, I felt like buying all of them. Haha, I was so crazy of that one, lol.

But yea, I need to make a decision. I was looking for what I need because you can get all you want. Lucky I have found one good book by Cornelia Funke. The tittle is Reckless. Though I don’t really like the cover design, but I think the content is good. But yea, let’s see until I finish this one.

Besides, I’ve also found another good book from Agatha Christie. The tittle is Sleeping Murder. I have ever read that this is the last one of Miss Marple series. The cover is good with the red and white color combination. It looks yummy, lol.

Last but not least is Garis Batas by Agustinus Wibowo. I guess this is a travel journal or some. From the synopsis I read that this book tells about his experience visiting countries ended by –stan in name. For instance, there are Tajikistan, Kirgiztan, Uzbekistan, and others. This book is pretty thick. But I guess it would be suitable for another Reading Challence I have followed. Thank Ez for buying me this one, lol. :D

Okay, better for me to end this post now before typing too much else. Hahaha, there is time I need to catch! Haha, nope, that’s just a silly excuse. Well, hope you have good time there, guys. Thanks for reading until this line. I love you. :):)

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