Wednesday, 15 April 2015

New Comers Recap (February – March 2015)

Haha, lately I have seen many grid pictures especially on Instagram. Maybe that’s one thing which inspires me to create one for this post. Well, I think it’s kinda effective and doesn’t take me much time just like if I shot them one by one.

Okay, there are my new comers. Haha, sorry I wrote nothing on last month. So I am going to do recapitulation through this post. Come on check them out! :D
As you can see, I bought some books. Mostly I bought them for Reading Challenge I join in the beginning of this year. Then I have read only one of them. Haha, snail, snail, what a snail I am. But it’s okay. I will kick them all soon. Haha, love you, Books. :D

Well, let’s check that blue sweater. Yup, I bought one because I love the detail on the elbow part. Yea, you cannot see that. I folded it in such way. I bought that through my sister online shop. Actually it is kinda big on my body. But I can do a trick and voila.. it looks okay. :D

Last but absolutely not least, that boot, Baby! Yes, I love that one. You know, it is a gift from Ez on my last birthday. Thank you, Darl. The color is dark brown, actually. Maybe it’s not clear enough on that picture. I will wear those cute Fladeo boots on next occasion, insha Allah.

Yea, those are new comers I got on last two months. Now, I am closing this post. Alhamdulillah for all of them. :):)

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