Wednesday, 15 April 2015

March as Tosca

picture is taken from here. edited by me

What can you see from the girl on the picture above? Well, I took that picture from I think it is suitable enough for the Tosca as I decide it to be the theme color of this month.

Okay, back to that picture again. Some said that girl was sad and if you look closely you can see tears drop on the edge of her eyes. Haha, really, I had no idea of it until I took a close up look. I chose that picture because, yea, first is for its color. Then the second one is for the girl itself. It is suitable for my monthly concept of this year. Well, as for me, I thought it was just a picture of sleeping girl. Yea, until I saw those tears, then I know why she was sleeping, haha.

So what would this March bring? May it is a good stuff. I put on a bunch of hope of better life. Haha, okay, I will confess something. Funny is I am writing this on April actually. I really messed up with my time on last month a.k.a March and didn’t post even single post. Yea, too bad is its sound. However still, there are many ways to be grateful. I might mess up on this time management and/or also self-management, but I had some good news which made my day, of course. Alhamdulillah. :):)

Yea, folks! Don’t give up for the better life. It is only once and tries to make the most of it. Haha, yea, obviously those are reminder for my own self. Anyway, thank you for everyone who has visited this blog of mine. Keep coming over and may you enjoy it. :D

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