Wednesday, 15 April 2015

April as Gray

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Here comes the shame…
Here comes the shame…

Those are two lines of Sia’s Chandelier lyric. Yea, that’s appropriate enough to show my condition now. Haha, no worry, nothing is serious here. I mean I feel kinda regret and shame for not post anything on last month (March). Yea, it was not even a single post. Then when I feel it, I remember this song lyric.

Anyway, Alhamdulillah, I can make it better for this month. It seems like a good start and I have written some new posts again. My spirit is back now. Besides problem with time and self-management, I have thrown such stress things outside which made me got writer block. Haha, yea, may you find my writing inspiring. If not, at least it is intriguing. :D

Okay, I choose Gray as the color of this month. There is no special reason about it. In the beginning of year 2015, I have already put random colors on each month. The function is more likely as symbol or sign. Yea, it is just to make this year interesting, lol. Fortunately, I have found suitable image for it. The image is just so perfect both in concept and color.

My focus on this month is still about that project (if you read my monthly theme stories before, you would know what I mean). Then I need to discipline myself (again and again, I need to train myself for this). Besides, I want to make myself enjoy the day by doing some blogging stuff and hopefully I can make some more money, lol. Haha, yea for sewing course and that license, I am not sure yet it will have done by this month.

Hmm, however, enjoy your April. It seems the spring is in the air out there. Have fun, :D

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