Saturday, 14 February 2015

New Comers January 2015

Yea, true if most of clothes I bought in this month where from my sister online shop (Rani Shop). Since joining to her group via BBM, I cannot help my eyes to just ignore those clothes she uploads on it. Then there is still some money I have in my purse, so I just order another one and one. Huwwaa..

One clothe I bought was a cardigan. It is a small size but fit on my body. The color is blue electric and I just love it. I ever wore this one combined with my red long dress. Then I wore a brown scarf and I like the colors that outfits make. Well, credit still for my dear-darl Ez for most pictures of mine here.

Okay another clothe that I bought was this blue jeans wash jacket. I don’t know why I fell to this one since I’m kind of girly stuff like, lol. But yea this jacket was designed for girl. It has good cutting and color. I can combine this with other outfits easily. Not bad, right?

Go on to another clothe I bought. Tadaa.. a jumpsuit, people! Still I saw this online and then decided to buy it. I like its legs-cutting style though I don’t know before if it was a jumpsuit, lol. Well, yea, it seems look fit on my leg and body though I don’t really into that color and I need to find another cardigan, sweater, or any top since this jumpsuit has no sleeves. Yea, I need to add another top for I am wearing veil now.

Alhamdulillah. Thanks God for all of things that given to me. I got new clothes and then some new books. I felt so blessed. Yea, Gramedia held another Book Festival/Bazaar this year. I just get into this and buy some new books. There are many good books with good price (read: cheap) and most of them were still sealed. Huwwaa, my eyes shines so bright looking at those pile of books. For the first visit, I bought five new books. They are three books from Wake Trilogy by Lisa McMann, one book by Agatha Christie entitled Lord Edward Dies, and another one is Niskala by Daniel Mahendra. Okay I know, there are some books on to-read-list still. But I just can’t help it, lol.

Yea, those are cool stuff I got on last January. You may get the same or even better. May Allah bless us all. Aamiin. :)

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