Saturday, 14 February 2015

February as Black (2015)


Some said that black is their happy color. Some other said, black is mysterious but elegant. Others also said it is gloomy one. Well, I myself like black as one of my favorite color. I don’t exactly know why. Then also there is nothing wrong with black. Haha…

February itself is mostly known for “Love Month” since, yea, you know, there is that date in it. Haha, yea, what else if it is not 14th a.k.a Valentine Day? There are some people, of course, who celebrate it. And you know, Valentine, Love, is so related to pink. I don’t care about valentine. But it is not my concern here. Nor I don’t want to judge anyone who celebrates it. I was just about thinking it is too common to put Pink for symbol of this month. I prefer Black, lol.

Haha, ok, there is nothing serious about that Pink versus Black or Valentine. The date I notice about on this month is 4th. Yea, fyi, that’s my birthday date. I turn to 25 years old this year. Wew, am I getting old? Haha. Then as I stated before, I like black and this is February, so that’s why I take Black.

Yea, you know, it is such a personal blog and you just read about my crap about this so far, lol. Despite my talks above, Of course I don’t wish gloomy nor blackish month in term of my life. I still put some targets to achieve. I am still trying to discipline and stabilize my life. Yea, I need to focus and deal with this life. After all, everybody needs to grow up, haha.

Okay, enjoy your February folks whatever color you take, you create or else you get. :D

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