Tuesday, 27 January 2015

New Comers Recap (November & December 2014)

Okay, this is really the latest post I may make. Yea, I should post something on last December but I did not. So, here is the recap post of New Comers.

There were some goods I bought and got on last two months. I’m going to tell you one by one. I would start from this cute Blazer I bought online of my sister’s virtual shop. The color of this blazer is Brown. It’s kinda heavy because made of wedges material. I like the layers though the color is not really like I thought when I saw the picture, lol. Here I try to combine this blazer with black pencil skirt and I wore them on Dewi’s wedding proposal night. As for the hijab I choose this brown scarf with Burberry theme.

Well, beside that I also bought a cute top blouse with baby pink color. What makes it cute is houndstooth theme on its sleeves. Plus there is also a pair of heel on the middle of this blouse. Actually there is a cute detail behind or on its back side of this blouse. But you would not notice since it is covered with my veil.

Yes, I bought some clothes, but I also bought a pair of shoes, lol. I wanted to buy this kind of shoes especially for anniversary celebration trip with Ez. Beside its design is just cute though the color is not kind of brown I want to. It is not too girly but not boyish also. First time I wore this shoe with that baby pink top on that 25th day. We went to Candi and spent some good time there. :D

Tadaa..this is another thing I got as New Comers of December. Here it is..a gadget, everybody. This cool tablet is from Ez as a surprise for our 6th anniversary. I didn’t guess it before that he wanted to give me this one. Then the way he put it on one of bags in my room was surprised me too. This cute Ez even tried to wrap it for me and it was just neat. Thank you, Darl. :)

Okay, I would not give long speech to close this post, lol. Therefore, that’s all what I got on last December. Thanks God for all of those goods and sure too much happiness and many things I learnt. Thanks for loving me this much. Alhamdulillah. :)

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