Tuesday, 20 January 2015

January as Orange (2015)

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Okay.. Welcome 2015. Welcome January.

Yea, January has come since 20 days ago. It is just me who was late to post something here as the way to say hello for this 2015 and of course for January. Many things seemed to get in line and I’m just get confused with the rhythm of time. My mind convinced myself I can make it and here I still limp for managing all these stuff. Yea, it feels hard to make myself discipline, changing some those damn habits including one of them is procrastination. I feel bad with this.

Well, however, what can I say for January and the new year of 2015? Still I keep bunch of hope, then plan some strategy for better life of mine. It’s already 2015, folks! Insha Allah I’m going to my silver age. Oh, don’t ask me how the feeling of it. I just ask myself, what I’ve already done and what achievement of life I’ve already got so far in this quarter of century I have been lived.

Okay, for this January, I decided to take Recycle as the theme. As this month is the beginning of this year and other months, so I mean it to recycle all good things on last year and left behind the bad ones. It is time to rethinking and self-introspection. Beside those two things, one of targets I put on this month is finishing all stuff related to that scholarship. Let’s see what future may bring to us.

Okay, that’s all the latest words which I should make earlier but I did not. May some would inspire you. At least, enjoy this 2015. We could work hard in this year but may we also have time to travel hard. Aamiin.

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