Thursday, 6 November 2014

November 2014 “The Sand: Menghitung dan Menyelami Waktu”


Yeah, it’s November. It’s just two months before the end of this 2014 year. Anyone count? 2014 is just about to go, leave us all. :)

What I concern about lately is about time. Well, in detail is managing time. There are some things to manage (still). But I’m glad to be in busy state, making money though my greedy mind sometime knock my head and ask me for making more.

Yea, it’s just it says this way: Hey, you got 24 hours. If you spend the 8 hours to sleep you still have 16 hours. Just feel every minute you pass by, if you count it’s definitely enough to make some changes in your life. You can do some in one minute. Hey, what you up to now? Come on move! Go creating something for the world, try learning something new and of course keep making money.

Oh my God! I don’t mean to get hard. I don’t know. I just feel bad if I don’t make myself busy and don’t do any valuable thing. Yea, as one friend ever said, time is precious. You can buy or recharge anything but no time. It’s floating now on my head, this thing named as Time.

Hmm, but yeah, I still need to beat my own laziness. A bouquet of procrastination in which suddenly makes me weak. Then there are also careless stuff to notice surrounding and tic–toc sound of time. But, yup, let’s try and see the result.

Enjoy your November 2014 and Happy Birthday for my lovely sister, Rani. :D

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