Sunday, 5 October 2014

September New Comer (2014)

Yeah, there are three new things that I got in last September. They are skirt, book and another one is a gadget. Haha, OMG! They are such pretty things. Alhamdulillah!

Well, yeah for the first I just bought a new lovely pink skirt. This is kinda cute ones. Though there’s a little bit problem with that. Hmm, that skirt is little bit short on me. It would be better if it could cover my ankle. But so far, I like it. I have a cute blues to match on (I guess so, lol). Hmm, maybe someday I also would combine that skirt with my only one heel shoes. It sounds nice, at least in my mind. Here, take a look! What do you think? :D

My new skirt

Okay the next one is… tadaa.. a new book. Yeah, Alhamdulillah, I still have chance to buy a new book though I have made a pile of books to read. But I just love it. It’s kinda a long time since I bought the last book. Well, okay, the title of this book is “Dunia dibalik Pintu Kayu”. This is a compilation of 40 flash fictions from my lovely group Monday Flash Fiction. You know, guys, I have joined this awesome group about two or three months. It’s so nice for challenging yourself writing a fiction. You may start with join this group and start writing maximal 500 words story. I have read a half of this book. Still I haven’t found yet the story which is to be the title of this book. I like its title and wonder about the story. Okay, I am gonna keep reading it! :D

Dunia di Balik Pintu Kayu

Yeah, the last one and very lovely.. aahhh.. new lappy. OMG! Alhamdulillah! My Mom (hugs) bought this to me. New white Asus lappy! It’s awesome and I really love it. Hey, I wrote this post using this lappy, lol. Okay, I have planned to only use this for working. Yeah that’s my goal and also why my Mom bought me this (kisses to Mom). What kind of works? Anything! So far I use this for teaching and writing. Haha, that’s what I define as work for now. Yeah, I do it because I love my old PC. I cannot let it go or suddenly make it disappear just because this new lappy. This new one is very lovely and the old one is very very lovely. Hmm, sometimes it’s kinda hard for me to let go things I have. 
Lovely new Asus Lappy

Well, folks, that’s all new comers on September 2014. I don’t know what October brings. But I am sure, it’s not always a new thing, it could be anything and happen in everyday just like every breath we have. So, enjoy your day, guys! May Allah always bless our life! Aamiin!

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