Saturday, 4 October 2014

Oktober 2014 “The Rhythm: Menakar dan Berjalan ke Depan”


Enjoy the rhythm of your life!

Maybe that’s one of good phrase to boost your bad day. Yeah, since life on this Planet Earth is not about happiness. Surely there would be time when you fall down and or after that the sky would come and crash you.

I found that phrase on my Pinterest acc. I don’t know yet who are the creator and the illustrator for that line of words. But still, I would like to say thank you and appreciate that. Look at this picture below! This is where that phrase comes from. That’s such a cute picture, right? I think it’s really designed for girl who most often think based on their feeling.


What I hope for this October is not much. Hmm, I feel great because I still can follow and enjoy the rhythm of this life. I have a good job, though I will still look for another one (non-freelance one). What would be one of my concerns this month (beside that freelance job) is my writing. I want to do some writing works. Yeah, that’s kinda hard to maintain my writing time now. I wanna get on my routinely of writing flash fiction for each week.

Ah ya, there is still one more dream to be achieved. It sounds little bit impossible, but I am gonna build a bridge to make it real. I cannot tell you much about this. I am gonna let it floating in my mind and when I can make it come true, that time I will tell and share to you all.

Yeah, welcome October 2014! Ganbatte for the future!

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