Sunday, 5 October 2014


Haha, it’s kinda a long time since the last time I wrote and posted about my current outfit. Yep, I have done some review about that and I think my photos there were not really stunning like other fashion bloggers did. Haha, pity me! I need to learn much, lol.

But okay, just tell me that I am narcissistic. I still wanna make some posts about the outfit which may look usual and without stunning photos and poses. After all this is my personal blog which is not fashion blog. And who knows! Maybe there are some people who will get inspiration because visiting this post. Haha, okay, maybe that happens only in my dream. :D

Well, these pictures were taken by Ez. At that time we planned to attend wedding party of our friend, Lola. I wore blue long dress which made of Jersey clothe (if I’m not mistaken). This dress has no sleeve and was mixed with a black blazer. I think this outfit is kinda formal or at least semi-formal. That’s why I think it would be suitable for attending wedding party invitation.

For the next stuff, I wore black square hijab. I decided to use a Quick but Different hijab style. With a little touch, I think that style could be used for this party. Last but not least, I wore a pair of gray wedges shoes with Gucci pattern. I think they help me to look cute, haha.

Okay, just take a look! These are some photos about my outfit! :D :D 

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