Thursday, 16 October 2014

Acrostic Poem

First time knowing this term was about two years ago. At that time I was a private teacher for fifth grader student. I had to teach her about English, Science, and Math. The challenge was her school using Singaporean text books in which using English. That’s why her parents asked me to help her for understanding her lessons.

Nah, from her English text book, I found this term. Beside acrostic poem, there are some types of poem. Well, okay, let’s focus only to this poem. Acrostic poem is a poem or other form of writing in which the first letter, syllable or word of each line, paragraph or other recurring feature in the text spells out a word or a message (wikipedia). Here is the example of acrostic poem:


Well, month ago, Ez created an acrostic poem for me. The title of this poem is my name: Rizki. Haha, at the first, I don’t know the meaning of that poem until he told me about that. Come on, take a look first! Here’s the acrostic poem about me, lol. :D

Okay, now here is the meaning of that poem. At the first and second line we could see that Ez wrote about Requiem. Well, yeah, requiem here means praying which never stop for me. Those could be from my family and lovely people around me since I was child even faceless (was not born yet).

Meanwhile, Zest is energy, a spirit which the inspiration comes through zodiac sign Aquarius. Since the symbol of Aquarius is the water-bearer hope it could be help me to not afraid a.k.a fearless for trying something new, something positive in life.

Next the fourth and the last line means that I am also a human who might do something wrong such as becoming a sinner. So, hopefully I can get over that sin and always try to be a good one. One of thing which sometime hard for me to handle is procrastination. I should try to mend over it in order for my own goodness.

Haha, yeah, that’s all the interpretation of acrostic poem made by Ez. I asked him directly what that mean. Haha, I don’t know what made him creating some poems lately. But I think he got talent on it. I’ve ever seen some poems beside this one. I like the word choices that he used and hope those were suitable to represent the poems themselves.

Well, how about me? There was time when I stopped writing poem though I’ve been so often writing poems since I was in school. I cannot tell the reason here because it’s kinda difficult to explain. But lately I try to write some. I try to write it in Bahasa and also in English. Yeah, I still need special occasion for that, for example is following event on Monday Flash Fiction. Yeah, I also still need to learn much about writing, whether writing poem or fiction. Haha, that’s okay anyway, I love it. :D

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