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Synopsis of Broken Mirror Story

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One of my friends, Sina Safatian, asked me for helping him editing a synopsis of a short story entitled Broken Mirror by Sadegh Hedayat. Sina just has new project with an artist named Ivana. She asked Sina to make some music composition and lyric.

Sina created new lyric for her and also a very nice composition. I have heard that composition because Sina sent it to me. You know, it’s awesome! It’s a music played with piano and violin cello. But well, that hasn’t finished yet. That’s just an intro. Well, I hope you would finish it and very best luck for all projects, Sina.

So what is the relation of Broken Mirror story with that composition? Well, Sina also said that the composition was made based on that story. Broken Mirror has become the inspiration for him to create that composition and lyric. And why does he choose this story out of other stories? Yeah, he likes this story so much. This is one of his favorite stories.

Okay, anyone here want to know what Broken Mirror tells us about? Just scroll down and enjoy this synopsis. Hope you like that! :D

Broken Mirror by Sadegh Hedayat

There was a girl named Odet. She is a beautiful girl with blue eyes and golden hair. She lived in an apartment in Paris. She liked music and could played music with her violin. Odet actually was a lonely girl. Her mother was travelling to somewhere with her step father. Otherwise, Odet should live in Paris because of her work. She was a quiet strong-minded girl.

On the opposite side of her apartment, lived a man named Jimi. He was very ordered man. In his free time, he liked to just stay at home and read some books. Jimi could look Odet from his window. He liked to look her. There was time when Jimi looked her for a long time which finally made Odet closed her window. But one day, they met to each other for real and then became a friend. They liked walking around the city park. Sometime, they spent their time watching movie together.

One night, there was a celebration in that city. They went together for that celebration. Odet was very happy because she felt alone all the time was. She said to Jimi that there were just three times she ever visit a celebration. That’s because her mother did not allow her to go for it. At that night they ate in restaurant. They kept speaking and laughing to each other. They kissed and really had a lovely time.

Yes, time flied. It has been late but Odet didn’t want to go home yet. Jimi was very tired already. Odet kept asking him to still walk around the celebration. Jimi couldn’t hold it anymore. He’s so upset and decided to leave Odet in there. He then went home silently.

At home, Jimi couldn’t sleep. He then opened the window and tried to read some books for making his eyes tired. After one hour later, he went to close the window. He saw Odet in the street. She couldn’t get into her apartment because the key was in her purse in Jimi’s pocket. He remembered Odet's purse in his pocket. He’s still upset with Odet and without saying anything, he throw her purse to the street.

Three weeks later, Jimi must go to UK. Before leaving Paris, he met Odet in the street. He said to Odet that he would leave Paris. He asked her apologize for what he had done that night. Odet opened her purse and showed a piece of broken mirror.

“You know, when you throw my purse through your window, it hit my mirror and it was broken. Don’t you know what does it mean? There’s a belief who said that when a mirror was broken, certainly bad things will happen.”

Jimi just laughed at her words. He said that it’s non sense. It’s a superstition. He promised to see Odet next time he back to Paris. Jimi left Paris and after one month in UK, he got a letter from Odet.

Paris, 21st of December 1930

Dear Jimi,
You should know that I was very lonely and that’s really hurting me. I really want to talk to you this night, but I know I cannot. That’s why I write this letter to you. By writing this letter, I feel like I talk with you.

I was so upset Jimi. Days seemed so long and tedious. I don’t know what to do. How about your days? Do they feel so long too? Hmm, maybe you meet with a new girl there. However, I am sure you still like reading books just like you have done in Paris.

You know, your apartment now is full with Chinese students. They leased that room. But I shut down my curtain to cover my window because I know that my love is not in that room anymore.

Jimi, yesterday I walked around the city. And I remember you. My head played many memories about you, about us. I remember when we sat and talked on that bench. I played your favorite music with my violin.

Sometimes I saw your pictures. But that’s not enough for calming down my feeling to you. I just need you, Jimi. Oh! I don’t know, you may believe it or not, when my mirror was broken I already had a bad feeling. Then you said that you want to go to UK. I’m sure, I never will see you again.

Please forgive me for anything I had done to you, for anything that might make you upset. I hope you will forget me and please burn this letter, yes Jimi?

I was so messed up now. I am easy to get angry to everyone around me. Even I hurt my friend because they don’t like to see me this way. I decided to go out of Paris on Sunday. I want to go to finale city. I want to see the blue sea there. Hope the water will clean up these misfortunes. Hope the waves will carry on my thoughts. Maybe you don’t believe that but you will know that I am not lying.

Odet Lassor

Jimi read Odet’s letter and he wrote back some to Odet. But then he never received any replay from her. On the next year, he came back to Paris. He visited Odet’s apartment. He could see Chinese students there whistle his favorite music. But Odet’s window was closed. On the door of Odet’s room, there was a paper which written: For Rent!

Okay, folks! That’s the synopsis of Broken Mirror story. I just edited from what Sina wrote to me. Sorry if there was still misspelling or ungrammatical pattern, hehehe. Hope you could enjoy this story although it is just the short synopsis of it.

Well, enjoy your time, Folks! See you on the other posts. :D


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