Saturday, 6 September 2014

September 2014 "Elegance: Berjalan dan Menyusuri Waktu"

gambar diambil dari sini

Holla! Meet again with September, :D

Nothing much I can recall from September. I am even not sure that this month last year was the time for me got thesis examination. I don't mean to just fade that memory. But somehow it's faded from my brain. Too bad. But something is true. Time leaves a good distance.

I don't hope it would be a tough month. Instead, i would like to walk this month with the elegance. Just like violinst plays their calm melody or like water spines through the river. Haha..well maybe those are not good examples.

No need to rush but i keep the spirit for getting better up. Sometimes having a heart beats too fast is inconvenient. So, i just wanna follow the dance of this life. But still i keep something to chase. That's why i wanna say thanks God for new job i get (though it's still freelance). Also i love seeing myself try to manage time. It's just feel great when you see the time smiles at you.

So, what i want to do in this month is quiet much. Beside doing my job, I would like to try something new (something good whatever it is).  I also enjoying manage and helping some business from the overseas (don't know it's gonna work or not). Next, I wanna get my bump on Flash Fiction again and also keep writing and filling my lovely blogs. Last but not least is doing some other stuff that make my heart feels happy.

Well, Folks, enjoy your September! Have a good time. See yaa.. :D

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