Tuesday, 30 September 2014



One day, I woke up from a nightmare because I didn't pray before I slept. I saw many unbeautiful things which played in the same story. Yeah, story of this nightmare.

It was begun with I drove an old car but my leg didn't push the gas nor the brake. There were three children (who lately i thought as devil children) on the front seat. Ya, it was them who actually drove the car. I just hold the spin, and they got the gas and the brake.

We came into a big road. There were one big car ahead us which brought big and big logs. Those logs had circle shape and they were as big as car. Unfortunately one of them fall down and hit a pedestrian who wore orange bag. That log came across to the road and hit other cars. Then it came right before this damn car. I cried to the children to push the brake and I drove the spin to the left. The accident happened so fast. Death bodies covered the street.

Their blood was so smelly and filled the entire air. The worst thing was somehow i got that smell on both of my palms, my hands. It was so f**king annoying and disgusting. But honestly i felt terrified. I tried some ways to get that smell out of my palms, my fingers. But it just did not work completely until I could found some water to wash by.

Suddenly there was a man beside me. I don’t know exactly who this man was. I just felt him as the one who knew me and closed to me. As a suggestion from him, I used a leaf from somewhat plant to get rid of that blood smell. Then i went back with him to the place I drove that damn car. We went back on foot and just left the car on the side of road. Before walking back, I turned around my head to that road and I saw a person throwing water to wash the road from the blood. I planned to run.

That place was like a sudden-camp but took form as a building. It just felt like I was still a university student and my college asked me to stay in this camp for some days. If not, I would not get scored and needed to take the same subject next year. So, I went inside and found there was no place for me to sleep or lay down. While I saw all my friends from I was child until now have already got their place.

I was getting crazy to find my place. I looked carefully every room hoping there would be my name written down as the sign which said that place was for me just like other students got. It was really made me upset. I felt so bad because (still) suddenly some people who I dislike showing up to this f**king dream. They were staring at me and some of them talking me to their friends. Yeah, this dream really made me crazy.

In that f**king confusing state, they came to me. Some people who I felt as friends. I could not see their faces clearly so I cannot decide well their names. I just could feel them close to me and I knew they would help me. One of them asked me to wash my hands, my face, and my body in the available clean rest room. Well, that rest room was separated from the camp. it was outside the camp about 200 meters. They also asked me to not worry about that camp and the room I still didn’t get. They looked after me from the outside while I was in the rest room. Their appearance seemed bring good news for me. Then I knew that there was still a light in most of f**king terrified dream.

That light became brighter as I became to the end of this dream. It was just like walking through a dark long tunnel and I could find the light in the end of that. Yeah, it was really bright as I walked back from the restroom to the camp again. One of my friends (still I was not sure who) hold me and asked me to speak about something. Then suddenly Booom sound filled the air. You know what, that camp was exploding. Just like someone put some booms inside that place. I just could stare to the fire and I didn’t feel the heat. Then suddenly I woke up in really exhausting state.

I didn’t know, that was a good ending or not. But I think it wasn’t because there was massive destruction. Fire was destroying everything and I was just standing like a selfish and weak girl on the Earth. Yeah, that was one of nightmare which I got in somewhat day. You might give any comments and created many assumptions related to this dream. But hey, may I also know your f**king nightmare? *evil sigh* 

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