Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Goresan Rada Gaje

Haha, aku gak ngerti apa yang ada di pikiranku sewaktu menulis ini. Sekedar goresan iseng yang boleh jadi bakal terasa begitu cepat dan buru-buru. Aku menuliskannya dalam bahasa Inggris yang juga boleh jadi grammar-nya masih bolong-bolong dan pilihan katanya kurang nge-pas. Well, kalau kalian masih berkeras untuk membacanya, okay, just keep scrolling down. Enjoy! :D

gambar diambil dari sini

Blue and Grey

I took my finger and started drawing a blue line on your face. It felt like touching your face with my fingers starting from forehead until the cheeks. It should be smoothly just like water dropped to your face and silently like the Angels filled the entire sky.

You felt that. Nothing we heard except the sound of our heart. Nothing filled the air except the breath of our mouth. Then I took my nail for drawing grey. It scratched your lips, made them burn to the ashes.

We were getting closer. There were eyes to eyes. I really wanted to feel your color. When suddenly the red came and dropped from my eyes and nose. You could not say anything because your jaw was sealed by blue and your lips were turned to the ashes.

It left only your eyes and they said much. I knew it. I felt it. They watched me dying and collapsing helplessly…

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