Friday, 1 August 2014

Day Three

Happy Ied Mubarak, Folks! :D

gambar diambil dari sini

I wrote this on day three of Syawal 1435H. The rain was fell very heavy in the morning but it was stopped at the noon. The air became little bit cold but I love it. Mostly during days on the last Ramadhan, the whether was so hot. There was also no rain for almost two weeks. Tough days of Ramadhan, anyway! And this morning was also a tough moment for workers who should go work. Yep they needed to dance with the rain this morning.

How about me?

I just sit and wrote this using my lovely old computer. I typed word per word to create some new post for August 2014. What’s the best? Oh, Much! One of them was a glass of cola and crispy cookies. Also I enjoyed the sunlight which came through the window. Oh, I really love the color of this light! :D

Yeah, maybe I need to play song, one or two or more. But sadly, I can’t concentrate well on my writing if there’s a noisy sound from MP3 player or any else player. Well, how about yourself, Folks? What the best thing you do today? :D

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