Friday, 6 June 2014

May New Comer (2014)


Time goes fast and here we are, in the end of May. I try to remember what I got from May. Umm ok, I need to be better and better haha but these are new comer(s) or goods that I got in May. Wanna know them? Come on, come closer. :D

Okay, this is a novel. Yaiyy, I bought it at PesBuk of Gramedia. Well, this book entitled “Therese Raquin”. This is a classic one. I've already read and written its review. You can check this link for the review and also the reason why I bought it. Haha. :D

Next thing is...still a book, folks. This is not a novel, instead paper test compilation of CPNS. Yap, I have a plan to follow CPNS. Hopefully, this book would help me to get familiar with the exercises and also keep my head spins. Haha.

Ok now we will see the other one that I got in this May. Tadaa...a necklace, Baby! Haha. I found this when I visited MTQ. Ya ya I know, I'm late for getting this. People already have it. Haha, but it's ok lah ya. I just feel glad, finally I got it. :D

Well, at first I thought those are all goods I got in May. But then, on the last day of May, on 31th, I got some new books. Hooraay, \(^.^)/. Alhamdulllah, I got a new novel entitled "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn". This is a gift from Ez. He bought me this. Thanks.

Last two books are Halloween by Agatha Christie and Eternally by Maureen Child. Haha, yeah I bought them by myself. I decided to buy Agatha because this one sounded not too expensive. Then I bargain all the way for this one. But yeah since Agatha was also a recomended author, I suppose that this book would be good.

Okay, last thing I would like you to know that, Eternally is Harlequin. Haha, I've been so curious of what Harlequin is. People said that's a kind of romantic book or novel. But let me see and read it. I've ever found a book blogger who gave review only about this genre. But after all, I can't wait to read them all. :D

Yap, that's all for May New Comer (2014). Alhamdulillah for all those things God. Anyway, keep reading this blog yaa. Hope to see you soon on the other posts. :D

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