Thursday, 1 May 2014

Mei 2014 “The Horns: Tekad dan Memecah Batu”

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While running through this grassland, Padang Aprairie, Bumi saw a giant oak tree near the end of grassland. He planned to stop for while there before giving the last glance to Kerajaan Arus. When he arrived there, he was little bit surprised by a creature which was feeding itself in very calm and wise way. Then he knew, this giant oak tree was owned by something, by this ancient creature.

Bumi greeted that creature, a bull with strong horns finally known as Taurus. The creature seemed like the guardian of this tree. Bumi didn’t know what this tree might have and he didn’t want to know too. Taurus gave a wise smile and nod to Bumi. They talked for a while. Bumi talked him that he wanted to continue his journey to the next kingdom. Then Taurus gave him a necklace with one small horn for luck.

Hahaha. Sorry, the story above must be so random, ‘gaje’, or whatever. Let’s skip it. Anyway, May has come and April has passed. I don’t know but maybe it’s little bit ridiculous. In my mind, I figure myself as a warrior girl in the edge of a stone yard. I hold a spear of a bull horn. I feel that this is gonna be a wild month, full of spirit to catch and reach what I want to. I need to do many exercises in this and that part. Repair my own self to be a better one than before. Maybe I also need something called as discipline. Sometimes I think that after all, we as human just need to focus and beat our own score. Haha, come on guys; let’s see what May brings for us. :D

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