Thursday, 1 May 2014

April 2014 - New Comer

Thank God, I got two new things on last April. One was bought by my self and another one was a gift from my mom. Ok here they are:

I found this book while Ez and I visited Pesbuk (Pesta Buku) Gramedia. I was lil' bit confuse whether to buy this book written by Edgar Allan Poe or another book entitled Wuthering Height written by Emily Bronte. Both of them are classic book from awesome writer. But then I decided to buy Poe's book because I'v already got some novel on my bookshelf. I wanna try to write the review of short stories compilation.

Well, another thing that I got was glasses. Umm, actually this is plastic, lol. I got it when I accompanied my mom shopping. This is not glasses with minus or plus, this is just ordinary glasses for normal eyes. It has helped me when I use my computer. My eyes didn't need to feel sore in front of the computer screen anymore. Thanks Mom :)

Ok, so far those are the new comer things of mine. Now April 2014 has left us. Hopefully, we all have a good time and didn't spend our last April uselessly.

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