Tuesday, 1 April 2014

April 2014 "Grassland: Berlari dan Menikmati Angin"

Bumi came back from his train with Mars. He then continue his journey to the next Kingdom. For going to that kingdom, he had to pass Padang Aprairie. This is a large grassland border of Kerajaan Arus. The wind flew and it felt so comfortable. Bumi ran through this grassland following the wind. (Haha, another weird story).

I felt last month was so a long time. But here we are now. Entering the new month of 2014, April. Speaking about April, the ancient Greek called this month as "Apririe" or "the opening". April is thought as the opening of spring and blossom flowers are everywhere.

In my mind, I imagine myself laying peacefully on a grassland with the wind flow. Enjoying a shady day, no much sunshine stabbing my skin (?). Sometimes I may run over here and there. And or maybe taking some pictures, haha.

I hope this April will be great. I get a steady job and peaceful mind. Haha, I don't know why peace is one thing I need to seek and get in many parts of my life. We have our own point of view right? Well so, enjoy your April guys. Hope the best for all of us. :)

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