Saturday, 8 March 2014

Mom’s Skirt

Yeah, as I told you before that I have a job in a company now. The company requires me and other staff to wear formal clothes from Monday to Thursday. Then on one day I wore this stuff:

Yup, like you see. I wore a black skirt, black tank top and my cute cardigan. For the scarf, still I wore my brown cashmere scarf. Well and well that's actually my Mom's skirt. Haha, yes, I borrow it from her. Next about the shoes, I wore flat shoes and stocking socks. I know, that's better if I chose heel or wedges, but I just didn't want to. Yup, my office has 3 floors and there's ladder not lift. Ouch. Haha. But there's time where I wore my wedges and it felt -Ouch-. :D

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