Saturday, 8 March 2014

Fresh Day! -- Mocca

My boss or my manager wasn't at office for a week. So it feels so fresh. Haha. I mean when there's still no any job to do, I can take some pictures to share in here. Hihihi. ;)

And Ez helped me. Yup we worked at the same office. Other workers knew about our relationship. But those bosses still had no idea about that one. Ya, I guess that way. :D

Since there's no rain for couple weeks, today is hot enough. I decided to wear my -chess- cardigan made of spandex. This cloth is comfortable in hot whether. Inside the cardigan I wore my green T-Shirt. Then I also wore my comfortable trousers made of cotton stretch, if I'm not mistaken. This brown trouser matched with my brown flat shoes. Oh ya this shoe is one of gifts Ez gave me on my birthday years ago. Last but not least, as for the Hijab, I choose Paris square hijab. If you are interested to wear hijab this way, here is thetutorial.

Huft, though it's hot, we must keep our spirit to do our activity. Go sweat is better than complaining this and this. Just enjoy the day. Yaiyy.. :D