Thursday, 30 January 2014


At around two months ago I travelled to Bulian with Ez. We went there by motorcycle and it took about two hours. Yeah, that was such a tiring but fascinating cray journey, haha. The road was dusty and wavy. We met some trucks and forest along the journey.

Well actually there was no special reason for we went there. We just wanted to go and sounded like travelling outside the town. We didn’t do any special preparation. Haha, ya I know, I don’t suggest this kind of journey to you. Any way I would like to tell that in there we visited Vinni, our ‘little’ friend and of course took some pictures. This is my outfit then.

This light Tosca blouse was made of chiffon. I combined it with dark brown bloomy pants. For showing a good feeling of journey I wore red scarf. Of course there were my -coral- wedges. Haha, yeah that sounds weird for the relation of travelling and wedges. That might the first and the last I combined them together, haha.

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