Thursday, 10 January 2013

I Show It Through A B C

(it's such a kind of poem by QQ...)

"dear h0ney”

I w0ndEr h0w are y0u n0w..
And wish y0u get smiLe..
Stay t0ugH c0z that's what y0u are..

Just h0Ld me in y0ur tireD time..
I kn0w y0u mi9ht n0t trust..
N0 much pR0of my Love in reaL aCt..

BuT i'LL keEp trying to make it thr0ugH..
Just Like keEping writing f0r y0u..

So d0nt giVe up h0ney..
BuiLd y0ur sPirit and i'm in y0ur c0mpany..

The darkest h0ur is just bef0re the dawn..

And that's the dawn h0ney..
N0 L0nger again then it c0uLd be seEn..
To be seEn by y0u and me..."

[25 April 2010]

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